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A multidisciplinary creative community exploring story across different art forms

Are you curious about the multitude of ways to create story? Not just through the written or spoken word, but through painting, sculpting, quilting, photography or any art form? Looking for regular doses of inspiration from other artists? Curious about the ways that story told through other art disciplines than your own might infuse your work with new creative energy? If so, please join the conversation here!

Starting in early 2023, I’ll share monthly posts on a variety of artists and methods for creating story. I’d love for you to keep me company and add your own insights and suggestions along the way. Together we’ll create a story community and a library of story inspirations.

word, image, texture, sound, movement, place, geography, point of view, memory, identity, inquiry, lineage, fact, fiction, essence, nonsense


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How do you define story?